On this site, I am creating a resource that will help you to learn:

friul-01 Lenghe furlane
Friulian language
polski-01 Język polski
Polish language

I post detailed notes related to these two languages using, as source texts, books of the Bible. These notes will assist you in understanding what you read and help you to acquire a great deal of the language.

I am currently working on the following:

  • Friulian: Book of Genesis — complete
  • Friulian: Book of Exodus — underway
  • Polish: Book of Genesis — underway

If you have some experience with languages, you can use the Bible to start learning Friulian and Polish even as a complete beginner. If you are unconvinced by this, make the attempt nonetheless. Start at Gjenesi 1:1 for Friulian, or Rdz 1:1 for Polish; study the language of the verses with the aid of the notes, and listen to the audio.

The exercise is not meant to be easy — this is not Friulian or Polish “in three months.” Indeed, the very challenge of the task may be just what is needed to sustain your interest and determination over the long term, ultimately allowing you to learn the language. If you have failed to make progress using conventional methods found on the market, the solution may very well lie in the considerable increasing of the challenge, and not in the lessening of it.

You do not need to understand every bit of language in the moment; become comfortable with a certain amount of doubt, and continue your study. The earlier bits whose meaning once escaped you will start to come into focus as you move along.

Use the index to find all study material available on this site, including material for other languages.

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I thank you for your interest in my work.

Roberto Polesello