roberto-poleselloOn this site, I am creating a resource that will help you to explore and learn different languages.

Through grammar and vocabulary notes, as well as supplementary examples of usage, I am currently providing a study of Friulian using the book of Genesis. The Bible, providing an inexhaustible range of language to study, is an ideal resource for learning Friulian. The text that you will read has been translated into very accessible language that you can incorporate into your own use of spoken and written Friulian. The text does not read like the Friulian equivalent of the King James Bible; rather, it uses contemporary language that will be of immediate use to you in normal language settings.

marilenghe.jpgFriulian is a Romance language spoken in the north-east corner of Italy, in an area located due west of the Italian border with Slovenia. There are also communities of Friulian speakers abroad due to emigration out of Friuli during the last century. In Friulian itself, the language is known as il furlan; it is called il friulano in Italian.

You will also find older posts related to Italian and Latin on this site. In these posts, I have made ample use of literal translations into English; the purpose of these literal translations is, of course, not to read as natural-sounding prose, but to serve as an educational tool that helps you to better grasp the meaning of the source text. Please note that I do not plan to continue updating the Italian and Latin sections for the moment; I have chosen to direct my energy towards Friulian.

Once the Friulian study of the book of Genesis has been completed, I am considering beginning a similar study for Polish.

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