Source texts

Below you will find links to the Bible in Friulian and Polish, the text whereof has formed the basis of study on this site.


Bibie par un popul (
To navigate, click on Bibie in linie to locate books and chapters of the Bible. Audio: embedded as YouTube clips directly above the text of the verses; they are also found here on YouTube itself.

Glesie furlane (
Should the above link at Bibie par un popul ever become inaccessible, the text of the Bible in Friulian is also found on the website of Glesie furlane. Look for Bibie in linie and click on it.

Many pages have also been archived, in the event that either of the official sites above becomes inaccessible.


Biblia Tysiąclecia (
To navigate, use the menu to select a book and chapter of the Bible. Audio: recordings are available here.

Many pages have also been archived, in the event the official site becomes inaccessible.