Numbers 3 in Friulian

The third chapter of the book of Numbers treats of the tribe of Levi. So do the subject headings of this chapter read in Friulian: i predis (the priests); i levits: funzions (the Levites: functions); sielte (selection); cens (census); riscat dai prins fîs (ransom of the first sons). In the notes of this chapter are added supplementary examples of Friulian usage related to certain words … Continue reading Numbers 3 in Friulian

Numbers 2 in Friulian

Recounted by the second chapter of the book of Numbers is the arrangement of the encampment of Israel: la sistemazion des tribûs tal campament (the arrangement of the tribes in the encampment). The first-time visitor to this site ought to begin his study of the Friulian language here. Read Numars 2 To read the Friulian text of the Bible associated with the notes below or … Continue reading Numbers 2 in Friulian