Numbers 3 in Polish

Pokolenie Lewiego is Polish for the generation of Levi. So read the subject headings in Polish of this third chapter of the book of Numbers: kapłani (the priests); obowiązki lewitów (the duties of the Levites); wybór lewitów (the selection of the Levites); rody lewitów (the lines of the Levites); lewici w miejsce pierworodnych (the Levites in place of the firstborns). To assist the reader in … Continue reading Numbers 3 in Polish

Numbers 1 in Polish

Księga Liczb Book of Numbers Herewith begins study of the book of Numbers in Polish version. The Polish for number is the feminine noun liczba; its genitive plural form is liczb. This first chapter of the fourth book of Moses treats of: pierwszy spis mężczyzn zdolnych do walki (first register of the men fit for strife). From the subject headings: imiona wodzów pokoleń (names of … Continue reading Numbers 1 in Polish