Proverbs 3:7-8 in Polish

Księga Przysłówa 3:7-8

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Proverbs 3:7-8 admonishes against self-conceit. The reader will find this verse reproduced below in Polish, version Biblia Tysiąclecia, and then translated into English according unto the Polish. The English renderings of the Polish are the same as those wherefor precedents were set in the study related to the books of Moses, except in the case of Polish vocabulary appearing for the first time, in which case the precedent is set here. A list of key vocabulary is found below, after the text of the verses.

This verse is presented with minimal language notes related to the Polish; should the reader wish to study Polish from the basics with full language commentary, he is invited to begin his study at Rdz 1. He may visit Biblia Tysiąclecia to read Księga Przysłówa 3 in its entirety. An archived version of the chapter is found here.

7 Nie bądź mądrym we własnych oczach,
Boga się bój, zła unikaj:
8 to ciału zapewni zdrowie,
a pokrzepienie twym kościom.

7 Nie bądź mądrym (be not wise) we własnych oczach (in thine own eyes), Boga się bój (fear God), zła unikaj (shun ill): 8 to ciału zapewni zdrowie (this unto {thy} body will secure health), a pokrzepienie twym kościom (and refreshment unto thy bones).

Vocabulary: mądry (wise), własny (one’s own), oko (n., eye), Bóg (m., God), bać się (impf., to fear), zło (n., ill), unikać (impf., to shun), ciało (n., body), zapewnić (pf., to secure), zdrowie (n., health), pokrzepić (pf., to refresh), pokrzepienie (n., refreshment), kość (f., bone).

Ciału is dative singular; kościom is dative plural. The reader will find the declensions of these two nouns, and of many others, through the Polish declensions list.

Final English rendering according unto the Polish:

Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear God and shun ill: this will secure health unto thy body and refreshment unto thy bones.