Imni dal Friûl – Anthem of Friûl

The anthem of Friûl is entitled ‘Incuintri al doman’ (text by Renato Stroili Gurisatti; music by Valter Sivilotti). The first performance of the anthem was held at the Domo di Lignan, on 6 October 2018. Below, the official lyrics of the anthem in Friulian,* with a translation of my own into English.


Incuintri al doman

In alt o fradis, o int di Aquilee,
devant da la Storie, di front dal doman.
Sin flame che e vîf pes stradis dal mont
sin non di une Patrie, sin fîs dal Friûl.

Scolte o Friûl, o tiere di libars,
di lenghis e popui sês cjase di pâs.
Dai secui i paris nus clamin adun
a fâsi lidrîs di un unic destin.

In alt o Friûl, o Patrie mê sante,
di fuarce e sperance si viest la tô int.
Un popul sigûr che al cjamine te lûs
incuintri al doman, incuintri ai siei fîs.

Unto the morrow

Arise O brethren, O people of Aquileia,
over against History, fronting the morrow.
Flame are we which liveth by the ways of the world
name are we of a Fatherland, sons are we of Friûl.

Hearken O Friûl, O land of the free,
of tongues and peoples art thou house of peace.
For centuries have our fathers summoned us
that we may make root of a single destiny.

Arise O Friûl, O holy Fatherland mine,
in might and hope are thy sons clad.
An unfaltering people who walk in the light
unto the morrow, unto their sons.