Friulian language series: how to learn Friulian online

The reader will find below different resources available online which he may use to learn the Friulian language on his own. I continue to add to this list as more resources are uncovered; if the reader has a suggestion for me to consider adding, I ask him to write to me.

When it comes to the Friulian language, the student is faced with a very limited range of materials with which to work. This is true of both Friulian materials geared towards the learner of the language as it is materials for native speakers. Fortunately, the Bible exists in Friulian version and will sustain him for so long as necessary to learn the language. Indeed, it would seem to me that there are really only two paths to the acquisition of Friulian: either through continual contact with Friulian speakers or by reading the Bible in Friulian and listening to its recordings. All other materials will probably serve as complements to either of these two methods, as they are in such short supply or have no audio.

Unless the student will be spending extended amounts of time with Friulian speakers (or is already adept in related languages and finds that Friulian presents no particular obstacle to him), his path to the acquistion of Friulian beyond the basic aspects of the language will almost certainly pass through the Bible and its recordings. He may, of course, be able to patch together his own method with other materials and reach some level of success, but why should he not avail himself of the Bible in Friulian, given that it is there waiting for him to read it?

Categories below include:

Friulian courses

Bibie par furlan ( On this very website, the student may learn the Friulian language through the Bible. He may consult the detailed Friulian vocabulary and grammar notes as he works his way through reading and listening to the chapters. The Friulian text is written in contemporary language. Using the Bible made available by Glesie Furlane to learn Friulian comes with my highest recommendation. The range of language which the student will learn is nothing short of phenomenal; he will not be disappointed. He is to start with Gjenesi 1, which is the first chapter of the book of Genesis.

Mandi ( An introductory course to Friulian, by Mitri Gotart, in the format of a manual with audio files. The site appears to be full of broken links; however, the student should still be able to download most of the text and audio files related to the course. This course may prove useful to him as a starting point in Friulian.

O impari il furlan ( An online Friulian language course made available by the Societât Filologjiche Furlane; devised for children, it may still prove useful to the student for its Friulian sound files and thematic vocabulary.

Friulian dictionaries

Grant Dizionari Bilengâl Talian-Furlan ( The GDBtf is a bilingual Italian-Friulian dictionary, using the standard spelling system of Friulian. This dictionary contains many examples of Friulian phrases from which the student may learn. The GDBtf is the most advanced and modern bilingual dictionary which exists between Friulian and Italian.

Vocabolario friulano ( A classic from 1871, by Jacopo Pirona. Definitions of Friulian words are in Italian. Word stress of Friulian headwords is indicated; for instance, marangon (carpenter) is listed as marangòn, meaning the stress falls on the final syllable. To open the book, click on the thumbnail which appears.

Friulian-English English-Friulian dictionary ( This bilingual dictionary by Gianni Nazzi and Deborah Saidero is consultable in archived form on the Wayback Machine. This is, I believe, the most advanced bilingual dictionary which exists between Friulian and English. As a point of interest: the authors have preferred to refer to the Friulian language in English as Friulan.

Dizionari Bilengâl Furlan-Talian ( This is another bilingual Friulian-Italian dictionary. On this same site, the student will also find, albeit in very basic form, a multilingual dictionary with search options in English, Slovene, Spanish and others. If the student understands Italian, he will be much better served by the Friulian-Italian portion of this dictionary, which includes examples of use.

I provide extensive Friulian vocabulary lists in the posts of this site. The student may be able to locate defined words by performing a search; for instance, if one were to enter the Friulian word madrac in the search bar of this site, all posts containing this word will appear, and one should find it defined in a vocabulary list somewhere on that page, or otherwise rendered in the translations. Searching by English word is probably more problematic, as Polish results may also appear. Another way to search for words on this site is through Google; for instance, to find troi, this may be typed in Google: “troi”

Friulian grammar, spelling and phonetics

Paolo Roseano ( If the student reads Italian, he will find this to be an excellent guide to standard Friulian grammar. A version entirely in Friulian also exists. Note: clicking on the link will open a PDF.

Standard Friulian spelling (  Documents may be downloaded here related to the standard Friulian spelling system.

Gramatiche fonetiche furlane ( A detailed work by Sandri Carrozzo on Friulian pronunciation, written in this same language.

Read in Friulian

Bibie par un popul ( Made available online by Glesie Furlane, my highest recommendation goes to the Friulian version of the Bible. Click on Bibie in linie near the bottom of the page, and a list of the chapters of the Bible will appear. The student may read both the Vieri Testament (Old Testament) and Gnûf Testament (New Testament) in Friulian, as well as listen to a reading of the entire text (look in the playlists). This Friulian Bible forms the basis of the Friulian language notes available on my site.

La Patrie dal Friûl ( Once the student has managed to gain his bearings in Friulian, he may have a go at reading the news in Friulian every month. He will be able to acquire contemporary vocabulary by reading this production, which makes for a good complement to his reading of the Bible.

Societât Filologjiche Furlane ( Look in the Biblioteche Archivis (or Biblioteca Archivi in Italian). Browse the site also for its other features which may be of interest.

ARLeF ( The entire site is, of course, available for reading consultation in Friulian, but the student will also find news in Friulian from different media outlets in the form of PDFs: in the main menu of the site, click on Stampe par furlan (or Stampa in friulano in Italian; or Friulian Press in English).

e-libris ( A small selection of ebooks in Friulian, in PDF format. Some titles are in the original Friulian, whereas others are translations into Friulian, such as that of Dostoevsky’s The Dream of a Ridiculous Man.

Project Gutenberg ( Another selection of titles in Friulian, many of which are translations of Dante Alighieri. The student will come across texts composed in non-standard Friulian spelling; as he progresses in his learning, this will become less of an obstacle.

Listen to Friulian

Radio Onde Furlane ( The student would be wise to begin listening to spoken Friulian as early as possible in his study of the language. I do not recommend that he hold off listening until he has acquired more Friulian; he ought to start listening now, no matter his level. He need not be concerned by that which he does not understand. He will be able to acquire contemporary vocabulary by listening to this production, which makes for a good complement to his reading of the Bible.

Glesie Furlane (YouTube) Here the student will find all the readings of the Friulian Bible. Look in the playlists to find the recordings by book of the Bible.

Felici ma furlans (YouTube) An online comedy series in Friulian. Videos are available with subtitles in Italian, English and Spanish. If the student is learning Friulian through the Bible, he will see (with time, of course) that the Friulian learnt through the Bible appears frequently in these colloquial dialogues.

BLECS Ente Friuli nel mondo (YouTube) The student may use this good collection of 25 short videoclips to learn Friulian phrases and vocabulary. Good for absolute beginners in Friulian. The clips may be viewed in Friulian-English, Friulian-Italian and Friulian-Spanish versions.

La Vita Cattolica (YouTube) Under the Videos tab of this YouTube channel are six different clips entitled Cors teoric e pratic de lenghe furlane offering explanations about the grammar of Friulian, in Friulian itself. A rather difficult listen to be sure, but the intrepid student may wish to give it a go nonetheless.

Maria Zef (YouTube) A miniseries from 1981 with Friulian dialogue; it is subtitled in Italian.

ARLeF ( Search the site to find a selection of videos and audio, including documentaries, short films, interviews and fables in Friulian.

Friulianisms used in Italian

Pengio ( The student may also be interested in how Friulian has influenced the Italian language as spoken in the region. This website presents a collection of Friulianisms heard in spoken Italian.