Friulian language series: translation exercise 1

If you have worked through the posts pertaining to Gjenesi 1:1-10, Gjenesi 1:11-19 and Gjenesi 1:20-25, test your knowledge now by completing the exercises below.

A. Give the plural form of these nouns, including the definite article:

  1. l’aghe
  2. il pomâr
  3. la jerbe
  4. la zornade
  5. l’ucel
  6. il nemâl
  7. la bestie
  8. il lusôr
  9. la stele
  10. l’ale

B. Say the following in Friulian, as you have encountered them in the verses:

  1. above the waters
  2. the firmament of the heaven
  3. in the middle of the waters
  4. under the firmament of the heaven
  5. above the firmament of the heaven
  6. in the firmament of the heaven
  7. above the earth
  8. with the seed
  9. on the earth
  10. in the water

C. Say the following in Friulian, using both the passât sempliç and passât prossim:

  1. God created
  2. God made
  3. God saw
  4. God placed
  5. God made the beasts

D. Say the following in Friulian:

  1. the first book
  2. the second day
  3. the third book
  4. the fourth day
  5. the fifth book

E. Translate the following sentences from English to Friulian; most of them contain related vocabulary not used in the verses you have studied but seen in the posts:

  1. Time came to a stop.
  2. He is a man of God.
  3. Let there be light!
  4. The Lord is great.
  5. Genesis is a book of the Bible.
  6. It was night.
  7. The man saw the snake.
  8. He put the book to one side.
  9. The wild beasts saw the man.
  10. She took that other book.
  11. The river divides the city.



  1. lis aghis
  2. i pomârs
  3. lis jerbis
  4. lis zornadis
  5. i ucei
  6. i nemâi
  7. lis bestiis
  8. i lusôrs
  9. lis stelis
  10. lis alis


  1. parsore des aghis
  2. la volte dal cîl
  3. tal mieç des aghis
  4. sot de volte dal cîl
  5. sore de volte dal cîl
  6. te volte dal cîl
  7. parsore de tiere
  8. cu la semence
  9. su la tiere
  10. ta l’aghe


  1. Diu al creà; Diu al à creât
  2. Diu al fasè; Diu al à fat
  3. Diu al viodè; Diu al à viodût
  4. Diu al plantà; Diu al à plantât
  5. Diu al fasè les bestiis; Diu al à fatis lis bestiis


  1. il prin libri
  2. la seconde zornade
  3. il tierç libri
  4. la cuarte zornade
  5. il cuint libri


  1. Il tîmp si è fermât.
  2. Al è un om di Diu.
  3. Ch’e sedi la lûs!
  4. Il Signôr al è grant.
  5. La Gjenesi e je un libri de Bibie.
  6. E jere gnot.
  7. L’om al à viodût il madrac.
  8. Al à metût il libri di une bande.
  9. Lis bestiis salvadiis a àn viodût l’om.
  10. E à cjapât chel altri libri.
  11. Il flum al divît la citât.