Latin language series: translation exercise 1

If you have worked through the posts relating to verses 1-8 and verses 9-19 in your study of the first chapter of Liber Genesis, have a go at translating the sentences below from English to Latin.

The sentences you will translate are not meant to reproduce ones that have appeared in the Bible, but to give you practice at manipulating Latin.

The sentences in part A are easier to translate; the sentences in part B are harder in that you will need to either use your own knowledge of previously acquired Latin, or consult the reference work of your choice.

You need not worry if your answers use word orders that differ to the ones provided here, nor worry about including accents to mark long vowels.

A. Easier

  1. God created the waters.
  2. God saw the stars.
  3. The fourth day is good.
  4. The earth is under the heaven.
  5. God made the years.
  6. God created the third day.
  7. Let there be stars.

B. Harder

  1. The waters appear.
  2. The dry land appeared.
  3. God created the seeds.
  4. The stars were appearing in the sky.
  5. The light lit up the earth.
  6. The seed of the fruit is good.
  7. God saw the waters of the seas.

Possible answers:

A. 1. Deus aquās creāvit. 2. Deus stēllās vīdit. 3. Diēs quartus bonus est. 4. Terra sub caelō est. 5. Deus annōs fēcit. 6. Deus diem tertium creāvit. 7. Fīant stēllae.

B. 1. Appārent aquae. 2. Appāruit ārida. 3. Deus sēmina creāvit. 4. Stēllae in caelō appārēbant. 5. Lūx terram inlūmināvit. 6. Sēmen frūctūs bonum est. 7. Deus āquās marium vīdit.