Italian translation exercise 19

Now that you have worked through the last three parts (part 4, part 5, part 6) of your study of chapter 5 of Carlo Collodi’s Le avventure di Pinocchio, test your ability at translating the following sentences from English to Italian, using the vocabulary you have encountered here. I have also included a few new usages for you to learn.

  1. I did not know how to get him to stop.
  2. It looked just like the egg of a lizard.
  3. I cannot wait to eat it up!
  4. I made an omelette with four eggs.
  5. He kissed my hand.
  6. I made a quick trip to Naples.
  7. I left my little village in the hope of finding a job.
  8. I cracked the shell of the egg and out popped a reptile.
  9. I put the egg yolk in a bowl.
  10. I almost thought it was a dream.

Possible answers:

  1. Non sapevo come fare a farlo smettere.
  2. Somigliava tutto a un uovo di lucertola. (i)
  3. Ho troppa voglia di mangiarmelo!
  4. Ho fatto una frittata con quattro uova.
  5. Mi ha baciato la mano.
  6. Ho fatto una scappata a Napoli. (ii)
  7. Ho lasciato il mio paesello nella speranza di trovare un lavoro.
  8. Ho spezzato il guscio dell’uovo ed e scappato fuori un rettile. (iii)
  9. Ho messo il tuorlo dell’uovo in una scodella.
  10. Credevo quasi che fosse un sogno.

(i) pronounced lucèrtola
(ii) pronounced Nàpoli
pronounced rèttile