Italian language series: translation exercise 18

If you have worked through the first three parts (part 1, part 2, part 3) of your study of the Italian used in chapter 5 of Le avventure di Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, test your knowledge by translating the following sentences from English to Italian. I have also included some new usages for you to learn.

  1. Your brother looks very much like your father.
  2. It is getting dark out.
  3. Your fingers are so long and ugly.
  4. It is getting nasty out (the weather’s getting nasty).
  5. Your house stinks of mould.
  6. The little girl tried to run away from home.
  7. My grandfather died of cancer.
  8. You were right to throw it away.
  9. He started rummaging through the drawers.
  10. He spit on me.

Possible answers:

  1. Tuo fratello somiglia moltissimo a tuo padre.
  2. Si sta facendo notte.
  3. Hai le dita così lunghe e brutte.
  4. Si sta facendo brutto.
  5. La tua casa puzza di muffa. (i)
  6. La ragazzina ha tentato di fuggire di casa.
  7. Mio nonno è morto di cancro. (ii)
  8. Hai fatto bene a buttarlo via.
  9. Ha cominciato a frugare nei cassetti. (iii)
  10. Mi ha sputato addosso. (iv)

(i) puzzàre, to stink
(ii) il nònno, grandfather
(iii) il cassétto, drawer
(iv) addòsso, on