Italian language series: translation exercise 13

Test your knowledge of the usages you have looked at in the last three parts of chapter 3 (part 10, part 11, part 12) in your study of Carlo Collodi’s Le avventure di Pinocchio by translating the sentences below from English to Italian.

  1. I have started teaching him Italian.
  2. The children were running around the room.
  3. I stared fixedly at him without being able to avoid it.
  4. They started chasing after me.
  5. I stood still, legs apart.
  6. His new film was a flop.
  7. I bought two pairs of socks.
  8. People were standing still to listen to me.
  9. My arms are asleep.
  10. There was a crab in the middle of the street.

Possible answers:

  1. Ho iniziato a insegnargli l’italiano.
  2. I bambini correvano per la stanza.
  3. Lo guardavo fisso fisso senza poterlo evitare.
  4. Hanno iniziato a corrermi dietro.
  5. Mi sono fermato (fermata) a gambe larghe.
  6. Il suo nuovo film ha fatto fiasco.
  7. Ho comprato due paia di calzini.
  8. La gente si fermava per ascoltarmi.
  9. Ho le braccia intorpidite.
  10. C’era un granchio in mezzo alla strada.