Italian language series: translation exercise 7

If you have worked through the last three parts of chapter 2 (part 4, part 5, part 6) of your study of Carlo Collodi’s Le avventure di Pinocchio, translate the following sentences from English to Italian, using the vocabulary you have seen. A couple new but related usages are included; see if you can work out the Italian version.

  1. You will be sorry!
  2. You will be sorry if you do not keep quiet!
  3. What do you want from them?
  4. Can I ask you a favour?
  5. There they are up there!
  6. Here I am down here!
  7. I want to travel around Italy by car.
  8. Once upon a time there was an ant.
  9. It is about to rain.
  10. What are you doing down there on the ground?

Possible answers:

  1. Guai a te!
  2. Guai a te se non stai tranquillo!
  3. Cosa vuoi da loro?
  4. Posso chiederti un favore?
  5. Eccoli lassù!
  6. Eccomi quaggiù!
  7. Voglio girare l’Italia in auto.
  8. C’era una volta una formica.
  9. Sta per piovere.
  10. Che fai lì per terra? Cosa fai lì per terra? Che cosa fai lì per terra?